Sunday, March 2, 2014

I would like to thank everyone for viewing my blogs. I haven't been checking my blog lately it has been more than several months that I have not update, thanks to everyone.


San Juan mountain colorado

Saturday, June 16, 2012

After My Trip...

Where do I begin hmmmm... Well I had a safe trip to philippines and a long flight. Never got to sleep on the plane because I was scared don't know why of course it wasn't my first time yeah I was really nervous. Anyway, my family was very happy to see me they didn't recognize at the aiport if I wasn't waving my hands they thought I wasn't on that plane, they've thought that I missed my plane. I did a lot of things of course like eating the food that I used to eat when I was there that I can't find from asian store here in junction.Went swimming on the river it didn't turned out good though I got skin allergies, yeah who knows...I got to met my brother in-law and my niece, nephew and my baby sis shes big now she is gonna be a brat since knowing shes the youngest she think she can get watever she wants...A lot story to tell but not enought time..til then Amiga and Amigo..hehe..oh yeah don't have pics to share coz i accidentally deleted from my phone I was trying to transfer it to my computer so makes it easier for me to upload. So I guess am gonna have to go back there and take photos and by that time I will make sure I will not forget my camera because I totally forgot my camera on that trip...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Thanks to Darwin Barton

In the nurses’ station at work, we all make small talk and chat in between patients. You know, just the usual stuff: how’s your kids? What are you doing this weekend? Lately, though, the conversations seem to revolve all around American Idol. These nurses have some serious opinions about who is good, who stinks, who deserves to go, and who they are voting for. I’m surprised at how invested they all seem. They told me they literally spend 30 minutes after the show is over trying to vote for who they liked. I’ve never watched the show, and I told them it is not my thing at all, but they freaked out telling me I had to give it a try. They even send me emails with links like, telling me to get tv so I can watch the show. They are really not giving up. One friend invited me over to watch it tomorrow night at her place, and I told her I would go. We shall see what this whole “Idol” thing is all about.

My trip to Philippines...

Oh I am very excited about my trip that is in couple weeks. My family is very excited as well. I have a lot of things that I wanna do when I get there. I really miss my family and also the food specially the seafoods. But I am sad at the same time because my hubby can't go with me due to the fact that we don't have enough budget for both of us. We are gonna try next time we go he is able to come of course my family wants to him too. I am also glad that I got approved from work on my 3 weeks vacation. I hope it is going to be a fun visit..

Monday, February 27, 2012

The college essays are just one part

Guest post written by Kathy Williams

One of the things that I decided for my kids a long time ago was that I would be sure that they had the opportunity to go to college. I wasn't able to and I've always wanted that for them. Now that our oldest is getting ready to go to college, it's kind of a turbulent time for me. It's so crazy to think that I'm getting ready to send him off to college!
We've been looking up scholarships for him to apply to and I think that he's a great candidate for a lot of them. While he's looking that up, I've been looking up info on debt settlement. Our family is in debt and I'd like to finally settle it so that we can concentrateon more pleasant things, like our college-educated son.
He's worried about all of these college admissions essays that he's been working on. I understand it because I guess those essays are the things that can be the deciding factor on whether or not you'll get into the school. I'v ebeen looking up all times of tips for him for that.

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